About twenty weeks

I blinked, and then we were halfway through.


This pregnancy is slipping by like it’s a dream. Since coming out of that hideous first trimester (during which time didn’t move at all) I’ve resumed normal life, done everything I used to, swapped smaller clothes for larger ones automatically. This little person doesn’t kick nearly as much or as hard as Henry did – as soon as that boy started moving, he didn’t stop, though I suppose that’s Henry for you – and so I feel this other pair of feet once a day with a kind of tender surprise. I find them oddly endearing, these unobtrusive efforts to be noticed. I wonder whether they’ll translate to baby personality, and how a firecracker and a quiet observer might rub along together, if so.

We saw the baby on-screen today, lounging stubbornly head-down, feet crossed under my ribs and one arm slung casually over its head. In completely the wrong position for a good photo, incidentally, though we saw a heck of a good kidney. I was taken aback by how big it is already. Hello, no wonder I can’t eat properly. My stomach must be the size of a peach. And also: this is actually happening, isn’t it? Car seats and white baby socks and that little kitten cry in the early hours. And oh, the newborn smell on the top of the head. I cried when Henry started to smell of shampoo and sweet potato.

I’m excited. Yes, I’m definitely excited.

I mean, look at that kidney.


5 thoughts on “About twenty weeks

  1. oh hurrah! i’ve heard from your mother-in-law that number two will be another darling boy. i’m on the hunt for adorable baby boy prints for a blanket — any color preferences?

  2. My Daughter used to kick the life out of me, she would have me in tears kicking my ribs, my 5 foot 2 frame too short for the mix of her Dad and me. Sometimes I would push her down a bit and she would give an indignant wriggle of protest. Amy has always been a strong personality ( now 14 years old) and we lovingly clash and confront most days. My Baby boy on the other hand hardly kicked at all and when he was born we assumed he was shorter but over the coming days he untangled himself into a long lanky lad, just too tolerant to bother my ribs and while he is a strong personality in his own way he is more mellow and sunny than his sister πŸ™‚

    • I love hearing about other people’s baby experiences – so interesting when personality in the womb translates to afterwards! It’s been that way so far for us, though we only have one – Henry never stopped moving and kicking, and I got so uncomfortable. Now, of course, he still can’t sit still πŸ™‚ I’m hoping that means this one will be a little quieter!

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