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I always have the best of intentions when I start to bake.

Well, no. Sometimes I have the best of intentions. Yesterday I did. I should bake something practical, I thought. I’ve got those frozen raspberries I need to use up (Failed Henry Experiment No. 736). Or, maybe something healthy. Something with oats in? Oats and frozen raspberries and OH MY GOOD GRAVY WAIT A MOMENT.

Hummingbird Bakery Boston Cream Cupcakes. Otherwise known as cake with custard inside.

Could I repeat that a moment? Cake. With custard. In. Side. And chocolate frosting on top. Do you know how I feel about custard? I drink it from the jug. The raspberries never stood a chance.

Learning to make custard from scratch is one of my baking goals this year, but it didn’t feel like Friday afternoon was the right goal-busting moment. So I bought a can of Ambrosia and the whole thing was as easy as you please.

The sponge was a quick job: the recipe said to mix all of the dry ingredients plus the butter in a free-standing mixer, and as it happens, these days I have one. If you haven’t, a handheld mixer or even a food processor would do the same job. The wet ingredients come after, then you’re done. It’s a thinnish, wet mixture that you then spoon into baking cases until they’re about two-thirds full. I quite like using an ice cream scoop for this job, but only because it makes me feel a bit special.

The sponges go in the oven for fifteen minutes or so, during which I made the frosting. It’s butter rubbed into icing sugar and cocoa powder, and then whisked together with milk. For the life of me, I can’t mix butter into icing sugar without inhaling half of it, so I use my fingers. Then once the cupcakes have cooled it’s time for the assembly.

These cupcakes are very similar to the chocolate fondant cakes I tried last year. You slice the top off each cake with a sharp knife, fill the space with custard, then replace the top after trimming it a little and cover the whole thing with frosting. I am not a natural froster and it felt like it took forever. But then it was done, and oh hello my darling, it was goooood.




Deliciousness: apart from the obvious genius of filling a cake with custard, this is an excellent recipe. The sponge is very light and soft, and the chocolate frosting is surprisingly lovely (I’m not usually much of an icing fan).

Complexity: well, I cheated. I expect that making the custard would be the hardest bit. Using shop-bought stuff made the process much quicker, and the rest of it wasn’t hard at all.

Washing-up pile: Henry dumped an entire cutlery drawer into the messy sink halfway through. So, seventy-four?

Casualties: We survived. Hurrah!

This recipe is from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book; it’s also online here. But buy the book if you can, because it’s lovely and you deserve it.

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