A good day for good company


It’s true, it’s true: days that start with sunshine can take you just about anywhere.

Today we woke up and the skies were clear for the first time in several millennia. We flung open all of the blinds and had celebratory pancakes for breakfast. Then we followed the sun all the way to Oxford, and met old friends for lunch and ice cream.

It’s been ten years since we first sat in G&D’s ice cream parlour at five to midnight, feeding late-night essay writing with chocolate sauce and easy conversation. When I miss my university days – and I do – it’s those nights and these lovely people I think of. I love catching up. The conversation comes just as easily, and the ice cream hasn’t changed much either.





Photo 26-01-2013 05 23 23 PM

Photo 26-01-2013 05 25 08 PM


PS: Henry’s first time on a bus. HA. Every time the driver set off, he let out this ear-piercing scream of joy and got so overwhelmed he had to do something like lick the window. For which, fellow passengers, we’d like to apologise.

2 thoughts on “A good day for good company

  1. i know what you mean; we had freezing temperatures and no sun for nearly a week (that’s a lot for us here in virginia) and it nearly did me in. you look lovely with your mama bump! oh the joy you’ve captured in henry’s face — i so remember (and miss) those days of sheer delight on first bus rides etc.

    • It makes you feel so much better when the sun comes back, doesn’t it? Like anything’s possible in your day. He did get very excited about that bus ride – we’ll have to try trains next!

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