To my sons: if I catch you treating a girl like a princess, I will break your kneecaps

My friend Megan Conley was in a library the other week, and overheard a horrific

soul food and sanity savers

A note for Christmas Eve

Christmas is coming! We have TWO turkeys marinating in something top- secret, and today is

fresh air

Extracts from a travel diary

17th December, Heathrow Airport We’ve just come through security and collapsed in front of a


If I were Katniss Everdeen, my day would sound like this

This week I reread The Hunger Games trilogy. In two-and-a-half days. And here’s an interesting

soul food and sanity savers

What Love Actually says about you

Last night I was snivelling over the end of Love Actually, because every Christmas season

soul food and sanity savers

Welcome back, Year in Instagram!

Dear friends, may I speak freely here? I am going into this Christmas season twitchy


The bear and the hare

Today the house is our winter cave. We are woolly-socked, hiding under duvets, shutting out



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