The year of magical thinking

I looked this morning at my 2011 retrospective. So much happened that year – big, tumultuous, never-the-same-again life events – that I could hardly fit it all in one post. But 2012 hasn’t been the same: mostly just the growing of a boy, and our normal lives, and a lot of thinking and writing. As it stands, one of our most intense moments has been just now, when Timothy bet me a bottle of Coke that I couldn’t keep nine marmite-coated Twiglets in my mouth simultaneously (I WON, SUCKAS).

In some ways it’s been quieter. In a lot of ways it’s been louder. I have loved it.

Indulge me, then. This year we:

ate our Shrove Tuesday pancakes with fire-engine lipstick;


celebrated six months of boy;


fell in love with New York sidewalks and Florida sand;

SAM_1160 SAM_1548

paid homage to the original Henricus Rex and his adventure playground;


wished Shakespeare a happy birthday;


watched as Henry crawled, and then walked, then broke all of our things;


completely lost our heads at the Hay Festival;


captained a narrowboat down an Oxfordshire canal;


met Jasper Fforde, and showered him with raisins;

Photo 13-07-2012 11 34 29 PM

totally fell in love with the Olympics;


held a first birthday party;


camped the heck out of Dorset, and loved every minute;


gaped at Winchester Cathedral;

Photo 29-09-2012 04 27 38 PM

and introduced Henry to Sprucey the two-headed Christmas tree.

Photo 07-12-2012 11 19 52 AM


In between, I wrote about big things and small: resolutions, and the problem of chipping a Facebook-shaped hole out of my heart. Anniversaries and wedding wistfulness. Finding things holy, and facing outwards. Choosing my work. I formulated the drawbridge theory, the Sunday night breath, and the blog-browser’s call to arms. I wrote about the terrifying rubbishness of making adult friends.  I wrestled with babies and body image (more than once), and wrote sincere love letters to food. I communed with my inner polar bear mother, cleaned off my parenting slate, found my reset button, and took my boy out of the box I’d made for him. I got very, very cross about bookshops. I realised that writing things down was the best possible way of clearing my head, and I worked out where I stood on all sorts of things. I was comfortable with my opinions, and felt like I became more of myself.

And then, of course, there was much cake and even more stories to read.

(I did some actual work too, in case you were wondering.)

Appropriately, in a year that started with a celebration in the cheese aisle, we’re finishing it off with a cheese-themed New Year’s Eve party. I hope to be kissed at midnight and consume an entire slab of Wensleydale. And if that’s the case then, 2013, you have my full attention.

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  1. such wonderful highlights — wish i had known you all were so close (we are smack in the middle of NYC and florida) — we would have been all too pleased to kidnap you all for some fun in virginia! you take such wonderful photographs.

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