Instagrammatic: your years in Instagram


(or not Instagram, whatevers.)

Oh, I loved this. Thanks so much to those who participated! And thanks as well for giving me ideas about how to take better photos on my phone – my camera might be covered in teeth-marks, but I can still be a little more creative with how I use it.

First up is my all-time favourite snazzy lady Emily, who blogs about sausage dogs and other brilliance at The Wiener Takes it All (hilariously, I might add). Sometimes I write a post that makes me laugh a bit and think ‘gosh, that’s almost as good as one of Emily’s!’ And then I feel great about my life.

Her year in Instagram is here, and I include my favourite photo, in which Mort the sausage dog proves he has a glorious career in canine modelling ahead of him. If they’ll pay him in cheese.


Next up is the wonderfully resourceful Bryony, who blogs at A Series of Beginnings about life as an expat, new mother, new runner and originator of many a creative thing. Her year in Instagram is here, and I include a lovely photo of the church in her neighbourhood: one of the best things about Bryony’s Instagram roll is the many beautiful things she manages to find within a stone’s throw of her house.


Then we have the fabulous Lecinda, one of my favourite commenters, who blogs at Bohemian Beautiful. It’s definitely the prettiest blog I’ve seen in a while, and her Instagram collection is the same: looking at these, I thought ‘wow – this is how to use a camera phone’. See her beautifully-presented year in Instagram here!

march 2012

Last but not least, here’s James, who blogs (among other places) at Things my Children Said. His thoughts about parenting, especially children with particular needs, never fail to knock my socks off and, frankly, you should all be reading it. His year is here, and it’s lovely. Get thee there.


Finally, these seems the right point to say something I’ve been hoarding up all year, which is THANK YOU for being here, reading and commenting. Like most people (I hope), I often feel like I’m making things up as I go along. Some days are more successful than others. But I love writing about it here, and having people read it is just the best thing ever. We’ve somehow had more than twice the number of views in 2012 than we did in 2011, which just brings a Christmassy warmth to my little heart. And, you know, makes me wish we could all group hug and stuff.

Enjoy your Christmas season, lovely people. With much love.

6 thoughts on “Instagrammatic: your years in Instagram

  1. thank you lovely lady!! you are too kind! 🙂 this was an awesome idea, you should make this a yearly tradition 😀 I am making it all up as I go along too, the beat way to learn is by trial and error! I think you are doing a pretty fabulous job and congrats on your double page views! that is awesome 😀 Merry Christmas!!

  2. Hello! So, I just came across your blog and don’t like being a blog lurker so thought I’d say hi and thank you for blogging :). I am from Suffolk but live in the US, it’s been fun to get a glimpse of life back home!

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