Third wheel

Just don’t try to get between these two at the moment.

Ever since Tim got back from his last trip away, Henry’s been all over him like a woolly-jumpered rash. Oh, you ask him to stop using the clothes horse as a bungee rope and he’s all me-no-understandy, but tell him that Daddy’s nearly home and he’ll wait at the gate for an age.

I find it almost unbearably lovely. And truth be told, I am also enjoying letting Tim do the bedtime routine ‘because he missed you so much today’.

Expect the screaming heebie-jeebies when Daddy’s gone for nearly two weeks in October. Ug.

2 thoughts on “Third wheel

  1. It was around this age that the twins became convinced that I kept Alasdair locked up in the garage all day. They would wander over several times a day and pound on the door saying “Daee? Daee? Daee?” over and over, giving me accusatory looks.

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