watch-listen-read: Friday treats for your eyes and ears

Tomorrow, when you read this, I’ll be making bacon sandwiches in a tent overlooking Corfe Castle. It will almost certainly be raining, so we will not speak about the likely state of my hair, nor the number of bacon pieces Henry will have rubbed all over his face, nor indeed the tonnage of Cadbury’s chocolate I will have consumed on the journey down. Tonight, let’s talk about some of the fine and wonderful things I have met this week, the things that have made my washing up worth washing, my Henry nap times more meaningful and my evenings under a blanket more cozy. I give you: your Friday watch-listen-read.

(drum roll)

watch: The Best of Men

20120824-030949 PM.jpg

The BBC does this sort of thing superlatively: a feature-length drama about the German doctor who revolutionised British spinal-injury treatment during the Second World War, in the process founding the Paralympic Games. Until Dr Guttman, paralysed servicemen were sedated in a darkened room and left to die. It took a tenacious, ferocious Jewish refugee to work out that life could be lived fully and completely from a wheelchair. I was enthralled until the closing credits, at which point I cried like a big girl’s blouse.

On iPlayer, here. Repeated on Sunday 2nd September, 10pm, BBC2.

listen: Fry’s English Delight

20120824-031513 PM.jpg

All hail the great and wonderful Stephen Fry. This is his new radio series on language, and is an absolute joy. The episode I listened to last night was on the curiosities and unspoken rules of intonation. We learned why Asian speakers used to get their wires crossed in call centres, how you can accidentally call your mother a linen-horse in Mandarin, and why some questions go up and others go down. LOVE.

On BBC Radio 4, here.

read: Bill Bryson, ‘Home’

20120824-031730 PM.jpg

I had been reading Bill Bryson’s history of private life for five minutes, and I’d already learned the difference between sheet glass and plate glass, and who invented the Christmas card. It’s that sort of book, and Bryson is that sort of chap. He devotes a bulging chapter to every room in the house, making every fact and history into an exciting anecdote. What I wouldn’t give to sit next to him at a dinner party. I’m enjoying this enormously, and we’re only in the dining room.

Hope you enjoy. Happy quiet times to you!

I’m going to make this a regular post, so check back on Fridays for watch-listen-read suggestions. And, non-UK readers, it won’t usually be all from the BBC – though I think there are ways of getting at least the radio overseas, and I’d be surprised if they don’t release The Best of Men on DVD at some point.

6 thoughts on “watch-listen-read: Friday treats for your eyes and ears

  1. So hopefully this isn’t creepy, but I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’m just now deciding to comment. I love your book reviews and suggestions (and everything else too, but especially the book reviews). I discovered Wolf Hall and Hilary Mantel thanks to you!

  2. Oh, Stephen Fry! He really is a gem, and English Delight is a favorite of mine. I would love to watch “The Best of Men”, but sadly, it will not play outside of the UK. I will have to wait and live in hope.

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