Reasons to be cheerful: rainbow birthday parties

I tell you what. Baby parties are SO much more fun than the regular kind.

We had a really lovely afternoon yesterday, despite the heat, the rude absence of air conditioning or actual air, and the fact that we’d packed fourteen adults and four babies into our tiny living room.

I made a realistic assessment of my crafting abilities beforehand, and stuck to decorations I could put together with card, string, tape and staples. Keeping it real. Keeping it primary school. We were only missing art straws (remember those?!).

I got a hefty pack of brightly coloured card on the cheap, wanting it to look as cheerful as possible, and made these paper mobiles from Oh Happy Day. I couldn’t find fishing weights for the bottoms – didn’t look for very long, to be honest – and just tied stripy paper clips to the end of the string instead. I just loved them in our window bay. Be warned, though: they start to curl pretty badly if you’ve got the window open.

Then, the evening before, we sat in front of Saturday night TV and made rainbow bunting. It’s just the same card, folded over and stapled onto string. Took hardly any time and pinned easily onto our balcony.

We’d decided on afternoon tea, so I’d planned to keep the food as simple as possible: just scones, cheese and crackers, and a few nibbly bits.

In the end, we totally forgot to make the scones. Doh. But there was birthday cake.

As always in my baking universe, the practice rainbow cake went a heck of a lot better than the real thing. I undercooked the cake layers, frightened of dry cake, and only realised when I started assembling it. So the three layers I hadn’t yet put together went back in the oven for five minutes. They didn’t seem too dry when we ate it, though – I think the cream cheese frosting makes up for a multitude of sins. I was rather sad that the chocolate beads bleached out in the fridge overnight, and then melted in the 30° heat, but never mind. The colours were fabulous. Gel food colouring is definitely the way to go.

Henry decided to go smart-casual. The shirt-and-tie-and-no-pants look is always a winner. Someone call Vogue.

We left it deliberately unstructured, and just ate, talked and opened presents. Henry had a great time, and so did we. We know a lot of wonderful people, I think. We were so grateful they came.

I might leave the bunting up till next year.

UPDATED to say: the link for the paper mobiles is now working. The computer was sulking. UPDATED AGAIN to say: holy typos, Batman. 

8 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful: rainbow birthday parties

  1. It looks great, I love those mobiles, and the simple bold colours look brilliant. The cake looks awesome, well done! I do love a baby with bare legs 🙂

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