Wall art

Remember the vintage map wrapping paper I found in Waterstones a few months ago? We finally got those suckers framed and hung on the wall.

We went with the old London Underground map in the main living room, in the end. And while we didn’t set out to get dark wood-coloured frames – far too much wood in this room as it is – the old cream of the maps didn’t go at all with white or black or silver. Now that it’s up there, I quite like the contrast.

My dead flowers even resurrected themselves for the occasion. It is a beautiful miracle. I would be called Black-Fingered Jeffcoat if I were ever foolish enough to garden for a living (I would also adopt this as my pirate name, when my gardening business inevitably failed and I took to the high seas to rob and plunder instead).

Since we got two frames just for the jollies of it, I put Parisian monuments in the hallway. I do like that one.

And I still have two maps left to use as wrapping paper. Anyone want a present? It doesn’t have to be your birthday.

2 thoughts on “Wall art

  1. You should know that I am greedy and never ever opposed to presents. Also, I feel guilty about being so greedy, and thus would gladly bring you something American you’re fond of to make this seem less like a naked grab for presents.

    • Ha, not greedy at all, don’t worry!

      I will keep some wrapping paper safe for September. Also, aside from proper root beer – which is, alas, too heavy for a weight limit, which is why we drink it in gallons when we’re over there – our favourite American thing is Reeses pieces 🙂 Hope you’re getting excited!

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