Ten thousand of my little dreams just came true

Look what I got through the letterbox this morning:

!!! is all I have to say to that.

Reading through the list of course titles is intoxicating. The Craft of Writing? Beginning Hieroglyphics? Introduction to the Pre-Raphaelites? The Later Tudors? Rebellious Women in the Victorian & Edwardian Ages? Three Shakespeare Plays? Introduction to French? Be still, my palpitating heart.

Nothing does it for me like learning. It makes me feel more myself than anything else I know. Like Tom Hanks, I would buy you a bouquet of sharpened pencils every September, if I knew your name and address.

Send me your name and address, and I will. We can go decipher hieroglyphics together.

(Did you watch Ben Whishaw as Richard II in The Hollow Crown, incidentally? It was perfection.)

9 thoughts on “Ten thousand of my little dreams just came true

  1. Oooh, I totally get you! I get pretty excited when I get mine too (for the Oxfordshire campuses) I’m always drooling over the art and art history courses. So are you going to take one? I always say I will but can’t get myself to fork out the money.

    • I really want to, but they are expensive! Maybe I’ll take the creative writing one, then at least it would feel like it was for a purpose, not just my own pleasure 🙂

  2. How wonderful. I get the same feeling whenever I see new courses offered–it’s why I started something like six majors and minors in college but only ever finished one! I love looking through the “Great Courses” catalogues, too, and just imagining what each will offer. What a terrific blog.

    • Thank you! I’ve always envied the US university system for that reason – so much choice! I spent a good half an hour looking through the pamphlet earlier and dreaming. I love it.
      Welcome, by the way – so lovely to have you 🙂

  3. Oh, you should totally take a class! Classes are the best. Seriously. That was my favorite part of every semester (apart from finals): when they posted the course listings for the next semester. Also, I know it is probably the least interesting of your possible courses, but it would be wonderful if you took French, because then we could practice together. Oh, and when I come to visit in September, lets you and me Bryony all go shopping for school supplies. Please?

    • YES! It’s a deal.

      I’ve always wanted to take French, particularly as it fits with my dream where we pack up and go and live in Normandy for a few years. One day. Maybe…

  4. Did I watch RII?
    I watched it through every day since then. By far the most thrilling, moving and wonderful thing I ever saw. Wish they got Whishaw to read the donnets. That voice…
    sorry: I google Bryson and Whishaw, and up you came 🙂

    • for ‘donnets’ read ‘sonnets. I seem to typo for a living. And I don’t care for Donne, although I believe he also wrote sonnets.

      • Helloooo, welcome!
        It was amazing, wasn’t it? I’m so enjoying the series.
        Have you seen Bright Star? Whishaw plays Keats, and reads Ode to a Nightingale over the end credits. Incredibly beautiful 🙂

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