Dear British Summer,

I think we can agree that this is not your year. We’ve all accepted it.

You can drizzle on our barbecues and drench our walks. You can piddle on our park outings and urinate on our youth camps. We have been soaked and muddied and frizzed to your heart’s content, if not ours.

But killing off the broccoli is a STEP TOO FAR.

I just… I can’t even… There was a line. And you crossed it.

Please consider this your two weeks’ notice.

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4 Replies to “OH HECK NO”

  1. haha! oh no! I laughed and felt sad for you and the broccoli all at the same time. That pesky weather, killing off all your veggies! Too rude! I would miss my broccoli too if it were taken away by some arbitrary weather. Hope it comes back soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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