Cakery Bakery: frozen peanut butter chocolate pie

Our house has been shamefully dessert-free for ages. We are supposed to be dieting (ha).

Well, no more of that nonsense.

I found a recipe for a frozen peanut butter chocolate pie, and only had to mention it once for Timothy to make a strangled noise of excitement. Peanut butter and Timothy have a special and appreciative relationship. It’s a curious thing, this: essentially a peanut butter cheesecake sitting on a layer of biscuit and another of chocolate ganache.

The recipe asks for a graham cracker crust, and I’m yet to find graham crackers or anything like them here, so I used crushed chocolate digestive biscuits mixed up with a bit of butter to bind it together. Then you melt six ounces of chocolate chips – or just plain chocolate – with a bit of double cream, and spoon it onto the biscuit base. Pause to lick the spatula. And now move on.

The peanut butter topping is cream, peanut butter, cream cheese, vanilla essence and brown sugar. This all needs whipping with a hand-held mixer until stiff peaks form. And it really does whip up properly, too, even though it must only be half double cream. It looks like butter icing. When it’s done, it goes on the chocolate base, and the whole thing goes in the freezer.

The recipe says to freeze the pie overnight, and then to soften a little before eating. We were too impatient for that, and left it in for about four hours. It was perfectly sliceable, so that’s why you should never wait to eat dessert overnight. To finish, drizzle with more melted chocolate, chocolate chips and crushed peanuts.

It’s a funny thing, this. The tangy cream cheese came through more than expected, and makes an odd pairing with the smooth peanut butter. Not unpleasant, but I think next time I’d add more sugar. Still, it was rich and sweet, and the peanut butter and chocolate tasted marvellous together with the salty-sweetness of the peanuts and chocolate chips on top. We’re not at all sorry to have to eat it all between us.

Deliciousness: you have to eat it in small slices, but with more sugar this would be a winner.

Complexity: Mixing and freezing – not at all difficult. Frozen desserts are great when you have company, because they tend to look more professional than they really are.

Washing-up pile: eight. All sticky, though I’m pretty sure Timothy will volunteer to lick out the bowls.

Casualties: our diet. Clearly.

Recipe for frozen peanut butter chocolate pie courtesy of A Beautiful Mess, here. Let me know what you think! 

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