Tuesday taught me this

Things I discovered today:

  • Henry can force himself to cough so hard he throws up the lunch he doesn’t want to eat. Never say that this boy does not strategize. He can strategize all over my jeans, when he wants to.
  • I had forgotten about bloating. Thanks for reminding me, FEMALE BODY.
  • My mum’s loaded baked potato soup. Oh my crazy deliciousness. And oh my crazy heart-attack, too, but I wasn’t in a mood to count calories (see above).
  • Oh, bacon. Oh, glorious bacon (see above).
  • Apparently, this is a thing for other people, as well.

Credit: iwastesomuchtime.com. Here.

Ask me about the time that I pronounced ‘epitome’ as ‘ep-ee-towm’. For ten years. Or ‘subtle’ as ‘sub-till’. And – spare my English student blushes – how do you pronounce the ‘Karenina’ in ‘Anna Karenina’?

Forgive me, Tolstoy, for I have sinned.

[end of post about nothing. Excuse me – I need to go finish the bacon.]

8 thoughts on “Tuesday taught me this

    • Good strategy. The thing is, there’s a new adaptation with Keira Knightley coming out later in the year (have you seen the trailer?). So a) we can hope that someone in the film will say it at some point, thus clearing up the mystery, but b) until then, we can’t talk about the film without having to pronounce it wrong. Oh dear.

      • Ha. I was in my English classroom at 17, and saw ‘epitome’ written on the wall with a pronunciation guide. And said, very loudly, with everyone listening, ‘that’s funny – that word is spelled the same as ‘ep-i-towm”. And everyone laughed. Sad!

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