Meals for not much: cajun chicken burritos

People always say that chicken is cheap. Not in my neighbourhood, it isn’t. It costs much more than mince and doesn’t go half as far. But oh, chickeny chicken, how you tempt me with your roasting smells and your deliciousness. Sometimes, nothing else will do.

I owe my mother-in-law for this game-changer: cooked chicken pieces (you find it next to the ham and cold meats), flash-fried in a pan with cajun spice, do just as nicely for quick meals and cost much less. If you’re buying value, I hear that the Sainsbury’s cooked chicken is nicer than Tesco. I should imagine that’s true of most things, but go where your heart is. There are a few different kinds, of course, if you prefer to avoid value chicken altogether (sensible).

We use this on salads and with creamy potatoes, but in our house, the burrito is king. Timothy has a bit of a thing for wraps. We run with it. The inclusion of rice was the masterstroke: it fills out a full meal marvellously, so you struggle to finish one instead of rattling through two or three.

For cajun chicken burritos (serving two), you will need:

two soft taco wraps

half a packet of cooked chicken pieces

some cajun spice (or your own mix – garlic, oregano, chilli, whatever)

a couple of handfuls of rice (about half what you’d make as a side dish)

salad of your choosing (we use red onion, peppers and lettuce – or whatever else we have in the house. Coleslaw is also good. So is barbecue sauce. I bet ranch dressing would be, too)

cheese if you want (normally I melt it into the rice, risotto-style, but today I forgot and just sprinkled it over the top).

Flash fry the cooked chicken with your spices, the onion and the peppers. Don’t forget to put the rice on to cook beforehand (ahem). Layer it all in the wrap with the lettuce. Roll up like a gangsta. Enjoy.

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