Cakery Bakery: Nigella Lawson’s ice cream cake

If this is short, I apologise. My hearing has been blipping in and out for the past hour, I’ve got the same WHUM-WHUM-WHUM sound in my head that you hear when you leave a car window open on a motorway, and I’m about two and a half minutes from diving into a cool pillow and never moving again.

But I wanted to let you know as a matter of some urgency that Nigella Lawson’s ice cream cake is the best last-minute, no-baking, not-very-much-money dessert I’ve tried in a while. Magnificent, is what it is. Summery. Involving both chocolate and butterscotch sauce. I’m not sure I need to go on.

Start with vanilla ice cream. Any old ice cream will do. You’re mixing things into it, so it doesn’t have to be terribly expensive. Leave it out on the side for a bit so it softens. Pour in some chocolate chips, some crushed-up bourbon biscuits (chocolate biscuits, for the non-English among us), and a crushed Crunchie bar. The recipe said to include peanuts too, but I forgot to buy some. I’m not sure it needed them, but they wouldn’t hurt.

You mix it all together and then spoon the result into a springform cake tin lined with clingfilm. It needs to be in the freezer long enough to refreeze properly; I left it overnight because I made it while watching The Matrix the night before, but a couple of hours would be ok, I think. When you’re ready to eat it, take it out, cut it into wedges and pour over Nigella’s butterscotch and chocolate sauces. You’re supposed to put more crushed bourbon biscuits over the top, but I forgot about that too. It was lovely anyway.

You could customise this with almost anything: chunks of chocolate, caramel, your favourite chocolate bar of any kind, , nuts, wafers, crumbled biscuits. Run with your wildest dreams, my dears.

Oh, Nigella. What does the universe owe you for this? A heck of a lot, I’d say.

Deliciousness: it’s yummy. Well, it’s ice cream with lots of nice things in it. It had to be.

Complexity: stirring and freezing. You could do that with one hand behind your back. Thankfully I didn’t have to do it with one hand holding a baby, but I probably could have.

Washing-up pile: one bowl, one cake tin, one spoon. Winner.

Casualties: Escaped unscathed this time. Woo!

This recipe is found in Nigella Express, or here. Enjoy!

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