There are occasions where you find yourself, at 11pm on a Friday night, painting chocolate pastry with melted white chocolate.

It seemed like a perfectly reasonable Friday night to me. Mountainous homemade sausage rolls, Skype, Sherlock Holmes and the longest baking endeavour known to man.

White chocolate is a highly satisfactory medium to paint in; if only Van Gogh had had the same thought. And this is the marathon of chocolate tarts. Tim had to go out for fizzy drink halfway through, just so I could keep whipping and melting and chilling. I’ve made it before and it took forever last time, too, but it was also sweet ambrosial nectar in a pastry casing, so seemed like the ideal thing to take to a family party on a sunny day.

I would’ve taken the sausage rolls too, but we ate them. They were all bigger than Henry’s face, but we like a challenge, if it’s sausage roll-related.

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