If you ever find yourself with a spare hour on your hands, go to Toys R Us. (But can you go in without singing the theme tune? Not on my watch.)

It is quite without doubt the most exciting place we’ve been in a while.

Who's more thrilled here?
Dudes, it's about time I got one of these in my size.
Sir...PRANCE? Is that you? And you and you?
So that's two ninety-nines and a screwball, madam?
Should've kept the cowboy hat, amateurs.

While I ached over the wooden train sets I wanted him to be old enough to play with, Tim introduced Henry to Scalextric. We never did find a baby walker we liked. Same time next week, then?

Oh, and we discovered that, on Saturdays, Henry can be persuaded to take his long morning nap early enough for us to go back to sleep. It was practically a lie-in. No, it was! I’ll take ten more weekends like this, please.

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