Librarian style: playing the Tesco roulette

Hey, look what I found in Tesco the other week:

Clothing at Tesco, here.

This season, Tesco have discovered in themselves a mania for shift dresses, which is rather convenient. Not only do shift dresses scream ‘stop talking in my library, madam’ like nothing else, but the neckline and hemline are my all-time favourites. You can downplay them with flats and a cardigan or dress them up with heels and pearls; altogether I felt like giving Mr Philip Clarke CEO a hearty embrace, if that wouldn’t be too forward.

You’re dicing with loose-thread death when you shop at Tesco, of course. This ferny purple number is cut beautifully and looks a lot better on than it does in the photo. But they didn’t bother to line it, so you need a heavy-duty slip if you want to stop it riding up towards your hips. (Also, look at the product description on the website. Holy illiteracy, Batman.) I love it, though, so it was a good purchase.

Then, a few days ago, I needed something black to help at a wedding reception that wasn’t heartbreakingly too small – oh, high-waisted skirt, you mock me – and nipped out of the check-out queue to find this:

Clothing at Tesco, here.

They’ve tried a bit harder with this one: it’s lined, linen and with a shiny belt. But the cut isn’t as flattering as the other dress, especially not for someone with a recovering waistline.

It’s a risky business, playing the Tesco roulette. You win some, you lose some. But you do end up with two dresses for £36, and that’s hardly to be sniffed at.

They’ve got loads! Go and look!

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