The best game in the world: birthday edition

Did I mention I have a little money?

Welcome, friends, to the Birthday Edition of What I Got From The Book Shop and Why. Pause for fanfare.


Right, onwards.

You may think it looks like I went overboard this time, but honestly, I didn’t. I was clothes shopping, and went in there to get the other two books in The Hunger Games trilogy. At first I picked up the editions that matched the one I had (this is A Rule) but then they were so hideous I didn’t want them on my shelves (this is also A Rule), so I got these. I suspect they might be the film tie-in versions (this is Against The Rules) but they’re much prettier. Unfortunately, since I encouraged Timothy yesterday to read the first book in the trilogy (using a delicate combination of feminine hinting with suggestive eyebrows), he’s already bagged the second and is even now exclaiming over the first page. I have enough to be going on with, though.

Anyway, then! Once I was in there, all bets were off. I picked up Pure as I’d read a couple of excellent reviews. It’s about the clearing of the Saints Innocents Cemetery in pre-revolutionary Paris, among other things: we’ve actually visited those Catacombs, which is exciting, and hello, pre-revolutionary Paris. No need for more explanation, I assume.

Then I thought I’d wander up to the history section and see if they had Henry VIII, King and Court, and what do you know, they did. I have Weir’s Six Wives of Henry VIII, Children of England and Elizabeth the Queen, and love them all with a pure and holy love. One of my boy’s nicknames was taken from Henry VIII’s letters to Anne Boleyn (um, that sounds weirder than it is), which should give you an indication of how I need to get an interest in another time period, already. I will, after I’ve read this one.

After that I thought all excitement must surely be over and done with, but then I noticed they were taking pre-orders for Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies, which is the first sequel to Wolf Hall, which is only one of the best-written books I’ve ever read and the reason for my unseemly fiction-crush on Thomas Cromwell. Bring Up the Bodies will hardly help with this, but I’m still so excited I might give myself an aneurysm. In return for my pre-order, they gave me a free book. By Hilary Mantel. It’s like they knew I was coming.

At this point I realised that, once again, I’d spent far more on books than I had on clothes, and if that’s not a sad indictment of my fashionless life, I don’t know what is. Maybe Waterstones should do a Spring collection.

One thought on “The best game in the world: birthday edition

  1. I also have those book rules. I have the first type of cover and no, they are not as pretty as the new ones. Also, the new covers came out atleast a few months before the film, so I’d go with not film tie ins, and therefore allowed 🙂 Also, they don’t feature pictures of the actors on the covers *twitch* so are fiiiine. My set of Harry Potter don’t match at the moment and it makes me twitch just looking at them. books 2 and 3 went missing though and I got them for gifts for Christmas and therefore couldn’t choose my own covers.

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