Sound and fury; or, why Tuesdays should be banned from every decent society

I love this child to his bones. But I’d be quite indecently grateful if he stopped making the noise that goes with this cross face. At least for today.

Happily, Daddy’s key in the door is always cause for excitement.

Less happily, Daddy is out tonight.

You don’t say, baby monitor. YOU DON’T SAY.

Oh, and the sleep training: for the past two nights, one of us has had a great night’s sleep, and one of us has had no sleep at all, which may possibly be due to the baby-monitor-to-ear bruise one of us is sporting. He didn’t seem bothered at all by the change of scene, and remembered to do his own breathing and everything. Tonight, I tried to put him to bed at a more baby-appropriate time and terrible things resulted. I picked him up after ten minutes, when he was crying so hard he couldn’t breathe (sorry, dear neighbours), and it turned out he had wind. Um. I’ll collect my bad mother award and go and stand over here, shall I?

3 thoughts on “Sound and fury; or, why Tuesdays should be banned from every decent society

  1. It is usual for new parents to exhibit over-protective behaviour and increase their anxieties to where they either do not sleep or else feel guilty if they do.

    If you know you little angel is comfortable, well fed, and not being pierced with pins, then turn off the monitor and go to sleep.
    Good luck.

  2. I should warn you that I have eventually thrown every monitor we’ve ever had against the wall. Yes, even the amazing breathing monitor (hence the lack of portable monitor part…). Don’t worry, the lack of sleep will eventually catch up with you and you will *choose* to turn the monitor off, just so you can get some sleep.

    I always reach the theory that if they can cry loud enough to wake me, then I’ll wake up! The apnea monitor was only a compromise following Oscar (& now Theo’s) inability to remember to breathe in the early months. #girlsaremucheasier

  3. Don’t feel bad about the noise – people are a lot more forgiving of a baby crying than you think. Definately don’t feel bad about the wind – I’ve done it several times with Sam, and he’s lived to tell the tale 😉

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