Jam-packed as a suitcase full of jam

Happy new year!

As we watched the New Year’s fireworks and clinked our glasses together in bed (rock on, little party demons) I felt really quite quivery-lipped to let the old year go. It’s been a humdinger.

In 2011, we:

received some startling news on New Year’s Day;

ate our own weight in raisins and rice cakes;

had a swordfight in the Forest of Dean;

got bigger;

and bigger;

and bigger;

graduated with a tassly hat;

started work;

stopped work;

lost our trousers in public places;

sailed down an Oxfordshire canal in a narrowboat;

did far too much DIY;

went in for a hospital appointment, and came out with a baby

…and pretty much thought he was the greatest thing we’d ever seen…

…even when he made it his mission to throw up on everything we owned…

…and especially when wearing a bear suit by the seaside.

And just in case that wasn’t enough incident for twelve months, we spent December going on a heck of a lot of dates (read: eating a lot of food) and introduced Henry to Christmas.

Hope you’re able to look back on last year and count the positives – or at least, look forward to a brighter 2012. Hey, the world’s supposed to end this year. The Mayans said so. Better make the most of it.

Fare thee well, 2011. We miss you already, you jammy devil, you.

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