Help with Mondays

I have become an expert at putting makeup on one-handed.

(The person to not notice how dirty my mirror is wins A Prize.)

He’s pretty good at sitting through my shower (essential for not hating everyone), getting dressed (for public decency) and hair-drying (for not looking like a startled lion), but by the putting-makeup-on stage, the raspberry noises are becoming insistent. He likes sitting with me and helping with mascara, though.

Today I ticked off one of my ‘For 2012’ items. On the drive back from lunch with friends I stopped, for the first time ever, and took in the scenery. I drove that way twice a day for over three years, and never once stopped the car. This afternoon the sky was scrubbed raw and clear with piercingly bright, gauzy sunshine. Not ideal driving conditions – though I always appreciate an excuse to wear Tim’s flashy Ray-Bans – but marvellous views.

I sang very loudly and wore those Ray-Bans like a pro, and felt supremely happy about all of it.

PS – Teeth! We have some teeth a-coming over here! Brace yourselves, teething rings (and noses, and ears, and fingers).

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