The year of magical thinking

I looked this morning at my 2011 retrospective. So much happened that year - big, tumultuous, never-the-same-again life events - that I could hardly fit it all in one post. But 2012 hasn't been the same: mostly just the growing of a boy, and our normal lives, and a lot of thinking and writing. As … Continue reading The year of magical thinking

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

Phew. The halls are decked, the presents wrapped, the sugar cookies made and iced and consumed in obscene quantities. My coffee-filter wreath is actually hanging - rather than being trampled in a corner by Henry - and my finger-knitted garland is f-i-i-inally finished and up - rather than being sucked surreptitiously in a corner by … Continue reading Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

Cakery Bakery: Mince pie pinwheels

This afternoon I took a big, deep breath. Because we're almost there: Tim's last day of work before the Christmas break was today, and we have a quiet, lovely weekend planned before next week's festivities. This evening, with Henry in bed and Tim out with friends, I thought I'd watch You've Got Mail and bake. So I … Continue reading Cakery Bakery: Mince pie pinwheels


Here's what happens when you start doing the baby sign for 'please' (it's a chest-rubbing action, weirdly). 1. Henry does it. He gets some of my Cheerios. 2. Henry thinks that we're just rubbing stuff when we eat Cheerios now, and rubs my chest instead. Good enough. He gets Cheerios. 3. Henry would rather not … Continue reading Manners

Thoughts on doing the Christmas grocery run

All year, I could’ve been eating paté. ALL FREAKING YEAR. DAMNIT. other baby posts: 1. - 2. - 3. - 4. - 5. - 6. - 7. - 8. - 9. - 10.

The park says yes

Look, I will get on top of Christmas prep eventually. I have recipes for mulled punch and sugar cookies ready to go, and my knitted garland is almost finished, and I'm planning on breaking out the wrapping paper and twine once I get through this kitchenful of dirty crockery. And, um, the general house devastation. … Continue reading The park says yes

Underneath it all

Today is a day for family. I'm not sure what else I can say. News of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut yesterday was hard to hear. Harder to feel. I have cried over and over again, despite having no connection at all to anyone there. But oh, the sudden, violent loss of a child … Continue reading Underneath it all


Steady on guys, this pregnancy is ON A ROLL. I had my first midwife appointment yesterday, which means it’s actually happening. I love this one. No being poked around, just a long list of uncomfortable congenital disease questions. Cannabis smoker? No. Type A diabetes? No. Addicted to antidepressants? No. Afraid in your own home? Now … Continue reading Confessions

Friday taught me this

1. There's one thing you can't do with my new hairstyle, and that's nothing at all. Today we worked and played mostly from underneath a duvet, hibernating from the torrential rain, and I never got around to drying it. Most of it is just frizzy, but the fringe... It looks like my forehead vomited. 2. … Continue reading Friday taught me this

Instagrammatic: your years in Instagram

(or not Instagram, whatevers.) Oh, I loved this. Thanks so much to those who participated! And thanks as well for giving me ideas about how to take better photos on my phone - my camera might be covered in teeth-marks, but I can still be a little more creative with how I use it. First … Continue reading Instagrammatic: your years in Instagram