On the Third Date of Christmas…

…we embarked on the Great and Glorious Christmas Tree Hunt.

I take Christmas trees very seriously. They have to be real, trailing their pine-needly smell like a Christmas banner unfurled in the living room. The lights have to be white. And the decorations are deliberately a work-in-progress. When I was little, we would go out and buy our Christmas tree and then buy one special tree decoration for the year. As we unpacked the decorations, all our Christmasses past came out of the boxes, and I had the sense of building our collection as we built our family. I love that. So Tim and I bought a basic set of silver and gold baubles for our first Christmas tree, and I’ve been adding to our special decorations ever since. I had the idea today to write the year on each decoration, if I can be trusted to do it in a tasteful and non-ruiny way. Maybe with a silver paint pen? We’ll see. This isn’t my forte, you may recall.

Off we went to Yattendon Christmas Tree farm, and waded for a couple of hours through the greenery. It was like a Christmas tree orphanage. All the stumpy-looking bald ones kept crying out for my attention.

The small tree section had already been pillaged by the time we got there (by the 10th of December?! For pete’s sake!). Last year we managed to snag one that was quite tall and shapely. This year…it ain’t no supermodel, that’s for certain. We’re going to call it Mrs Claus.

Out came the decorations, and out came all our Christmasses past (all four of them). They smelled like pine needles.

And here are our Christmasses yet to come:

2 thoughts on “On the Third Date of Christmas…

  1. Oh I’m SO jealous you got to go to a proper Christmas tree farm! that’s what we always like to do…and I’m defo with you on the ‘it has to be real and it has to be white lights’! I love that your doing the 12 dates of Christmas, I had seen it on Naomi’s blog and wanted to do it too until I remembered that there’s nothing remotely fun to do where we live and we’re poor students so can’t afford to go further afield! I didn’t think 12 blog posts about us having movie nights would be too exciting! so I’ll be living vicariously through your 12 dates of Christmas if that’s okay! x p.s love the last pic!

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