On the Second Date of Christmas…

…we had a Friday night Coen Brothers pyjama party with fancy hot chocolate, yum-yums and a growly Jeff Bridges.

(He is very growly in True Grit, isn’t he? It took me a good ten minutes to start deciphering what he was saying.)

Tim has come down with a special Christmas cold, so we had lemsips aplenty as well.

Better than Lemsip.

The first time we saw this film, we were in a tiny, red-velvet-upholstered cinema with radiators on the walls and an old organ down at the front, in a little village in the Forest of Dean. It was completely enchanting. This time, prepared in advance for the wistful final scene and ready to enjoy the crackling dialogue, it was even more so. We can file this next to 3.10 to Yuma in the Westerns That Make Us Happy box.

Today: date no. 3. We’re taking this seriously, y’know.

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