Pick-Me-Up (28 + 4)

What on earth can salvage a day in which you wake up still with the indigestion that stopped you from sleeping much in the first place, your husband leaves on a week-long business trip, you work long hours and get practically nowhere, your little offspring rattles painfully in your abdomen like a bag of Jenga bricks, you end up driving your car home held together with duct tape, the fixing of which will complicate an already over-complicated week, and in all the kerfuffle you leave your phone behind, to merrily blare out your 5.30am wakeup alarm in your in-laws’ living room?

Well, this present from Granny and her super knitting needles might:

What a corker of an outfit TJ has waiting for him/her. Every time I look at it I squeal involuntarily, so I’ve had to put it away.

(Oh, look at those little cuffs…)

Or failing that, chocolate.

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