A Bit of a Pickle (19 + 5)

Scan-day, scan-day, gotta get down (to Royal Berks’ maternity block) on scan-day. Etc.

(Almost) 20-week scan today. I have to say (and feel a little petty for saying it): wonderful though it undoubtedly was to see Baby Jeffcoat on screen, I found this outing a little…anticlimactic. Our first scan was a bolt-of-lightning moment of wonder: look, I’m not just feeling like death because I enjoy sitting on toilet floors – we made a person! And this time… Maybe it was the hour-long wait in the stuffy waiting room. Or the fact that TJ spent our whole appointment standing up in the womb, so the poor ultrasound lady spent ages pummelling me with the wand and calling him ‘a little pickle’ out of sheer frustration. Bless him, he was so excited about his photocall, he stood to attention the whole time and wouldn’t do any photo-friendly reclining at all. I hope this does not indicate baby behaviour later on, because, my lamb, did I mention that I don’t do terribly well on no sleep?

All this meant that we emerged very familiar with random body parts – s/he’s* got a good little thighbone, of that I am certain – but didn’t really see the whole person on screen (except once at the beginning, before he realised he was on camera). And I was absolutely sodden with gel, thanks to all the extra wand-poking. Still. Look.

It's off-camera, but honestly: you've never seen a thighbone like it.

Doesn’t that make you go all melty?

*I know, we’re still saying ‘he’. Bad habit. Now we’re almost halfway, it’s worth saying again – it’s equally likely to be a girl!

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