On the Rocks

Dear Work, Please don't take this personally, but I wasn't very pleased to see you again this morning. I've had five days of sleep and sunshine and books and beautiful things, and wasn't ready to come back to your alarm clocks, air conditioning and angry authors. I know you pay for our flat and petrol and the … Continue reading On the Rocks

Get a Move On (21 + 4)

When it comes to moving oneself and one’s bulk around, all pregnancy books say the same thing: exercise is good, if by ‘exercise’ you mean walking, swimming, or pregnancy yoga. I don’t like swimming much, since my water skills extend to a rubbish breaststroke or, if I really want to put the speed on, a … Continue reading Get a Move On (21 + 4)

Now I Know How John Hurt Felt (20 + 2)

Oh, joy: TJ has been relaxing with, I think, his feet on my spine and his head poking out of my abdomen for the past 12 hours. It looks bizarre. And hurts. And does not make for a good night's sleep. I confess, when jumping around, eating porridge and going to the loo didn't shift him, I … Continue reading Now I Know How John Hurt Felt (20 + 2)

So Here’s the Lowdown on this Pregnancy Lark (20 Weeks)

Ring the bells and bang the drums, because TJ and I have just reached the halfway mark! He is 20 weeks today, and, seemingly in celebration, has pushed out my stomach so far I keep banging into stuff with it. Party on. Behind us are twenty weeks of gagging (me), major organ growing (him) and … Continue reading So Here’s the Lowdown on this Pregnancy Lark (20 Weeks)

A Bit of a Pickle (19 + 5)

Scan-day, scan-day, gotta get down (to Royal Berks' maternity block) on scan-day. Etc. (Almost) 20-week scan today. I have to say (and feel a little petty for saying it): wonderful though it undoubtedly was to see Baby Jeffcoat on screen, I found this outing a little...anticlimactic. Our first scan was a bolt-of-lightning moment of wonder: … Continue reading A Bit of a Pickle (19 + 5)

Adventures in Graveyards (19 + 1)

This little offspring of mine kicks like a BOSS. (No jokes about growing a champion footballer, please; let's face it, if genetics have anything to do with it at all, he's probably exercising his mouse-clicking finger.) We went for a walk today to work off the internal wriggles. The heat and sunshine are delicious, though I'm much more thin-skinned … Continue reading Adventures in Graveyards (19 + 1)