Foodalicious (13 + 5)

Hark: is that the pitter-patter of normal eating habits coming towards me? I wouldn’t say the sickness has gone – the list of Banned Lunchbox Items continues to grow, and my gag reflex is as huffy as ever. Tim brought me home a cheer-up chicken nuggets meal from McDonalds the other evening – I thought it was time TJ was introduced to the fine and beautiful things in life – and the smell made me too sick to eat for ten minutes (I plugged on regardless, and oh my, deliciousness ensued).

And yet, and yet. I’ve had some terrible, slow hours at work during the past two months, and it’s definitely better now than it was. Oh, to get to the point where eating a whole can of tinned tomatoes by themselves no longer sounds like a good idea! I can hardly wait.

I have just signed up for a hilarious pregnancy email update from This week TJ is the size of…half a banana. Just half. Unfortunately I’d already eaten my entire banana by the time I received the email, so I couldn’t do a proper scientific comparison. Next week: a papaya? Three-quarters of a pineapple? Four-and-a-half inches of German sausage? The world of food metaphors is yours for the taking, babycentre! Use it well!

It has been lovely being able to tell people at long last. Your own excitement is multiplied by everyone else’s, and you remember how brilliant it all is. TJ is banana-sized, has come to terms with McDonalds, and all is right with the world.

2 thoughts on “Foodalicious (13 + 5)

  1. Yeah, baby updates will allow you to feel like a greengrocer up until about a month before your due… then what was once fruit turns into sporting equipment… it’s quite a surprise when a little person pops out :p
    Congratulations!! 😀

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