A Letter (9 + 6)

Dear TJ,

I hope you like pot noodles. Your umbilical cord will start working in a couple of weeks, and that’s pretty much all I can stomach right now. Which is your favourite flavour? Mine is chicken and mushroom.

PS – What are you doing to my insides? I spend more time on the loo than I do asleep.

PPS – If one of the qualities of a good mother is sheer, bloody-minded determination, then by the time I’ve got through another month of first-trimester full-time-journal-editing, I’ll be a natural. Seven hours a day is an Olympian feat (I will tell you the meaning of Olympian when you’re old enough to like dictionaries as much as your mama).

2 thoughts on “A Letter (9 + 6)

  1. I went from 60-hour weeks to 37.5-exactly-hour weeks almost as soon as I got pregnant. And yes, I considered myself pretty much awesome for achieving that.

    (Really hoping you are going to start feeling better as I keep reading…)

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