Time for a Strepsil

I know my sore throat is in need of medical intervention when…

…I can hit all of Javert’s bass notes in ‘Stars’. I even got the step-down to ‘cha-os’ without too much difficulty this morning.

Is it wrong that I find this strangely satisfying?

My next task will be growing the sideburns.

2 thoughts on “Time for a Strepsil

  1. Your face might be a *tad* on the small side for sideburns. That said, if you could cultivate them, I don’t know if I’d be impressed, disturbed, or some wondrous combination of the two! 🙂

    I sympathise with the sore throat: I lost my voice after an a cappella concert 2 years ago and I was singing Phantom of the Opera with my friend later that night. He’s a baritone and *I* was the Phantom. Yes, it was both sad and strangely enjoyable.

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