I Can See… I Can See Perfectly…

Today would be business as usual were it not for the fact that I just got my TWO new sparkly pairs of glasses (bless Specsavers and their 2 for 1 deals…).

Signs your new prescription is well overdue: you look in the rearview mirror and have a moment of panic that a dumpy black jellyfish is following you down the road (I swear I genuinely thought this) and then it turns out to be a little Mercedes Benz hatchback. I have no explanation for how weird that is, but new glasses clearly come not a moment too soon.

Signs it might be time to ditch the glasses altogether in favour of another crack at contact lenses: you discover a long, cylindrical-shaped dent behind each of your ears and realise your skull has moulded itself some glasses-holders. How enterprising. And how VERY DISTURBING.

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