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Mobile Day 10: Still Elementary, Even Without the Deerstalker

Do you know, I rather loved the new Sherlock Holmes film, despite Guy Ritchie spraying

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Mobile Day 6: Keeping with Tradition

I don’t think I’ll ever understand American football. The commentary from ESPN isn’t helping: ‘When

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Mobile Day 3: Dinner and a Show

Steak dinner… …Plus the most fabulously intricate Christmas lights ever seen… …Make pretty much a

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Mobile Day 2: A Scone By Any Other Name

There are strange things you have to get used to in a different country. American

fresh air

Mobile Day 1: Early to Bed, Early to Rise

It’s 6.19am and I’m wide awake and ready to go: a rare phenomenon that can


Christmas is coming/ The girl is going mad

I’ve had one, perfect, Christmassy moment since the beginning of December: walking down a frosty

soul food and sanity savers

And beauty comes, like the setting sun

Over the past two radio-less journeys to work, I’ve spent the time memorising Siegfried Sassoon’s


I Have A Dream…but you’re not in it.

We saw this, the Fakest of All Fake Abba Tribute Bands, in the centre of



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